Q: What are the rules of Hamburger Clug?
A: There are only three stipulations for a Hamburger Clug gathering:

    • The restaurant must provide table service. Table service includes ordering at the table, having food served by wait staff, and payment rendered at the table.
    • The menu must include at least one type of hamburger.
    • Members must wear a full suit (dress shirt, tie, trousers, and jacket or blazer).

Q: How can I become a member of the Gentlemen’s Hamburger of the Month Clug?
A: New members are nominated by active members and vetted through a harsh, hour long process that ensures only the finest get through. You can also send an email to mark@hamburgerclug.com, but we’re not making any promises.

Q: Do I have to eat ground meat to be a Gentleman?
A: We try to select restaurants that include a non-meat alternative hamburger to allow vegetarians to partake in the evening. In the case that there is not a veggie burger on the menu, the member can order another item.

Q: Why do you wear suits?
A: A gentleman would wear nothing else.

Q: Don’t you mean “Club”?
A: Yes, that’s right, Clug.

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