The Gentlemen’s Hamburger of the Month Clug exists to provide fine gentlemen a means of gathering together once a month to enjoy what has become the most common of modern staples, the hamburger.

Started in San Francisco by Mr. Kevin Smokler, Hamburger Clug was meant as a compliment to the women’s book club and provided husbands and significant others a means to make themselves scarce for a few hours. Rather than simply hanging out together in a bar, Kevin wanted a more sophisticated group that would dress up and engage in captivating conversation over cocktails and a nice, juicy hamburger.

Exploring the multitude of fine establishments of San Francisco for the best burgers, the Clug has created quite a stir. Restauranteurs take notice anytime the Gentlemen’s Hamburger of the Month Clug are in the house.

After several years, the Hamburger Clug has spread out of the Bay Area and landed in Austin, Texas. Already, managers are taking interest in the opinions of Clug members. The next chapter of the Gentlemen’s Hamburger of the Month Clug is certain to include a lot of ground beef.

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